2012-02-18 17:51:56 by Barnyard

What's been up?

Nothin' much really... Well I have been running around posing as a moderator on a Minecraft server , trying to practice my drawing skills and started a blog .

I have no idea why I keep forgetting about this account... Anyways, back again and ready to view me some animations, play some games, look at some drawings and listen to music all night long :3

Oh and uh... I'm also planning on uploading some of my drawings on here, so look forward to that :D



been a while...

2010-05-25 11:10:11 by Barnyard

Wow, it's been a while since I did a new post,eh? Well, I've uploaded alot of new stuff on my u2b channel since the last time I posted anything on my ng profile, so check it out if you're feeling interested.

16volt album on my u2b channel

2010-01-24 17:09:39 by Barnyard

Hi, I don't have any posts yet so I thought that I'd addvertise for my videos on youtube! It's an album called "American porn songs" and no the lyrics does not consist of words of an erotic nature, from a band named "16volt".
Yeah so, here's my channel:

And check out my other videos as well!